Views Around the Farm Stand + Menu for March 15-16

 housemade fresh pasta

Thanks to those who braved the weather and came out for lunch today. We apologize for the lake in the parking lot, but we hope you enjoyed your meals. We’re all hoping the floodwaters recede as soon as possible.

(Update: The river is down significantly as of Friday morning, so we are definitely open for business.)

spaghettini of mussels and tomato

The Menu for March 15 and 16 (may vary depending on availability)

to start:

salumi and cheese platter
mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette
GTF salad with pears, almonds, and a balsamic vinaigrette
watercress soup with artisan bread
beet and red cabbage soup with artisan bread

toasted almonds for salads

JC cuts into his stash of charcuterie.

housemade coppa


pepperoni/pickled peppers/tomato/mozzarella
MF bacon/leek/tomato/mozzarella
collards/caramelized shallot/tomato/mozzarella

We get eggs from Provenance Farm, which is literally just across the street.

creamy polenta with vegetables and poached egg

JC celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with corned ham with cabbage and potato.


agnolotti with basil and goat cheese
spaghettini of mussels and tomato
corned ham with cabbage and potato
creamy polenta with vegetables and poached egg
brodetto of clams and rockfish

Ana Patty rolls out danish dough. We did the math today and decided the finished product has no fewer than 135 layers of butter and dough. (Croissants have 180 layers!)

The dark flecks in the danish dough are cardamom.

honey-orange glaze for the morning buns

sweetness for the morning buns

soon-to-be morning buns