Views Around the Farm Stand + Lunch Menu for March 10-13

warm spinach salad with lardon, polenta crouton, and poached egg

Happy spring, everyone! Finally it’s feeling like things are warming up and drying out, for a little while at least. Last week the farm stand was pleasantly busy, and we just want to say a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who’s patronized the farm stand since we opened in March. Your support at this time of year when our expenses are astronomically high but our income sources are limited, makes a real impact on our bottom line (still in the red but not quite as far in the hole). Other ways that you can help us (and other local farms) get through a difficult spring season include: shopping at winter/early spring farmers’ markets, purchasing a CSA share (more details here), or buying GTF bucks (essentially a gift certificate, but you save 10-15% on all your GTF purchases).

In other farm stand news, our Thursday and Friday dinners were quite well attended last week. (Again, thanks to y’all.) If the trend continues as we hope it does, it won’t be long before our dinner schedule will be entirely filled with reservations made ahead of time. We will serve you if you walk in, and we have room, but your best bet is to make a reservation.

Thursday and Friday Dinners: 5:30-9 pm, call 541-929-4270 for a reservation

creamy watercress soup

The Lunch Menu (subject to change based on availability)

to start:

country pâte and liverwurst with cornichon and mustard
grilled leeks with hard-cooked egg, house bacon, and pumpkin seeds
mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette
warm spinach salad with lardon, polenta crouton, poached egg
GTF salad with coppa, candied almonds, and blue cheese with balsamic vinaigrette
creamy watercress soup with artisan bread
beet soup with artisan bread
grilled leeks with hard-cooked egg, house bacon, and pumpkin seeds
mushroom/spinach/tomato/mozzarella pizza


house pepperoni/tomato/mozzarella

All of our pizzas come with a little pile of salad on top.


lamb cappellacci with pea shoots
torta di crespelle
creamy polenta with vegetables and poached egg
beet risotto with watercress and balsamic
GTF brodetto
chicken galantina
torta di crespelle
torta di crespelle
lamb cappellacci with pea shoots

We’re garnishing with pea shoots. It must really be spring.

Here’s a sneak peak of Ana Patty’s cookies this week: chocolate chips, coconut, cranberries, and also sunflower seeds and nuts buried under that pile.