Views Around the Farm Stand + Lunch Menu for May 22-25

bacon/blue cheese/zuke/tomato/mozzarella pizza

The weather is a little gloomier this week, but the farm is definitely in full swing now. The farm stand is stocked with strawberries, snap peas, cucumbers, fresh carrots, and first of the season basil. We’ve also turned on the heaters to warm up the deck dining room, and the pizza oven always radiates warmth. We’d love to welcome you in to take the chill off with fresh coffee and a hot meal.

The Lunch Menu (subject to change based on availability)

to start: 

country pâté with pistachios served with cornichon and mustard
duck crostini with sour cherry mostarda on grilled baguette
mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette
GTF salad with smoked duck breast, rhubarb, turnip, and honey vinaigrette
ham and vegetable soup with artisan bread
creamy roasted pepper soup with artisan bread



olive/shallots/goat cheese/tomato/mozzarella
bacon/blue cheese/zuke/tomato/mozzarella



mushroom agnolotti with zucchini
pork ragú with chard and tagliatelle
polenta, farmers choice vegetables, and poached egg
beet torta di crespelle
GTF brodetto with rockfish
chicken galantina, new potatoes, and carrots

A note about these flourless almond macarons with chocolate ganache: they may not look like much, but they are delicious. The cookies are made of a mix of almonds, powered sugar, egg whites, and sometimes almond extract, and the ganache is surprisingly rich. They’re not big cookies, but they are quite filling. These treats are gluten-free, but even gluten lovers will not be disappointed.

Often times, macarons are generously dyed with a rainbow of food coloring to enhance their appeal, but Ana Patty (GTF pastry chef) has made the decision to keep things natural.

quick pickles
smoked duck breast
creamy roasted pepper soup with artisan bread
chopped oregano and thyme
sugar snap peas
smoked paprika and parsley oil














Gaelen does one heck of a job washing dishes in the kitchen. (His mom made the cute hat.)

base for the beet torta di crespelle
trimming the house-made bacon
slicing the house-made bacon
house-made bacon
salad turnips