Happy St. Patty’s Day


“Happy St. Patty’s Day!” says Ana Patty. Early Saturday morning she was caught making shamrock cookies to celebrate the holiday at the farm.

Ana has been our baker for two years. Trained at Portland’s Western Culinary Institute, she brought her love for classical French baking to the farm and you may have noticed all of the flaky, buttery, hard-to-resist danishes, croissants, and hand pies filling our pastry cases. Ana enjoys filling these yeasty puff pastries with the seasonal produce, creating what she calls a “farm pastry.”

Ana will be leaving us shortly for a grand adventure. Last season, during her time off she traveled through Europe and fell in love with an Irishman. She is excited to return to Ireland, and she jokes that she may open up a pancake shop and call it “Patty Cakes.” But first she will look for a job as a chef or baker. She knows she wants to be in a kitchen. Ana has had such a wonderful experience with the GTF Kitchen crew that she hopes to find a similar family that is fun and supportive with a shared passion for quality food.