We’re Wide Open…Lunch Menu: Week of April 1, 2014

Welcome to the true season at the GTF Farmstand. We are now as open as we ever get with lunch service Tuesday through Friday from 11-2 and Saturday 9-2, as well as dinner service on Thursday and Friday nights starting at 5:30 p.m. There are new faces to see and new foods to try. The biggest evolution this year is pizza bianco: white sauce based pizza. The true barometer is the staff hunger, and the bianco pies are receiving a big thumbs up!

April Fools Menu Sketch

To Start
toasted pugliese with arugula, olives and shaved parmesan 4.5
two pâtés with cornichon and whole grain mustard 6.5
mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette 6.5
pear and arugula salad with honey vinaigrette* 6.5
GTF salad – white turnips and scallions in rice wine vinaigrette 9.5
vegetable and Israeli couscous soup with artisan bread 4/6
white bean soup with toasted almonds and artisan bread 4/6

Pizze Rosso
olive/garlic /herb/mozz 9.5
bacon/kale/chili oil /mozz 10.5
Italian sausage/peppers/mozz 10.5

Pizze Bianco
spinach/anchovy/thyme/mozz 9.5
ham/caper/alpine cheese/mozz 10.5
colazione-bacon/egg/parm/green onion/ground pepper 10.5

Menu: 20.
arugula and pear salad

grilled zip steak with kale raabe, hard cooked egg and whole grain mustard hollandaise (11.5)*

crème fraiche ice cream

ravioli of oxtail with burnt shallot, parmesan and dandelion greens 10.5
scialatielli spaghetti with Italian sausage and rapini (chili oil upon request) 9.5
creamy polenta with season’s finest vegetables and poached farm egg* 9.5
gnocchi with spinach, carrots, roasted shallot and mozzarella 9.5
brodetto of wild shrimp with baguette and aioli* 10.5