Lunch Menu: Week of April 8, 2014

Welcome to the sunny skies this week, and the allergies, and the sweaty days in the kitchen…

Luckily this year we have the promised swamp cooler to bring down the temperature. It’s a running joke for the kitchen crew to talk about the promised swamp cooler. Every year after it gets screaming hot, Farmer John notices how melted we are and says, “I’ll get the swamp cooler running to help you guys out!” We hear a lot of banging and so on, but the cold air never flows, that was until the end of last year. Farmer John got it right, and we have a cooler that blows sooo hard we will have to glue Brian to the floor or he’ll get blown out the window.

Here is the menu for this week: (the chocolate budino is unreal)

To Start
toasted pugliese with white turnips, arugula, organic extra virgin olive oil and shaved parmesan 4.5
pâté with cornichon and whole grain mustard 6.5
mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette 6.5
pear and arugula salad 6.5
GTF salad-orange, sorrel, pistachio in a honey vinaigrette 9.5
curried shrimp bisque with artisan bread 4/6
mushroom soup with toasted almonds and artisan bread 4/6

Pizze Rosse
garlic /herb/mozz 9.5
bacon/kale /mozz 10.5
ham/mushroom/mozz 10.5

Pizze Bianche
olive/anchovy/thyme/mozz 9.5
Italian sausage/rapini/mozz 10.5
colazione-bacon/egg/parm/green onion/ground pepper 10.5

Menu: 20.
arugula and pear salad
rockfish with a kalamata crust over tarragon polenta (11.5)*
chocolate budino

agnolotti of duck with pear 10.5
semolina gnocchi with blue cheese leeks, and dandelion 9.5
potato involtini with roma tomato and russian kale 9.5
duck leg confit with white bean and roasted carrots 10.5
brodetto of wild shrimp with baguette and aioli* 10.5