Carrots: Clean for the Eating

GTFDirtyCarrots This is our summer carrot harvest straight from the ground. In dry times like it takes very little effort to release these sweet root vegetables from the soil. During our high season, we typically harvest 800 to 1,000 bunches of carrots two or three times a week. It takes 10 field crew members about 2 hours when the harvest is easy, the weather is good, and the crop is healthy.  GTFCarrotsonTruckThe crew bunches the carrots as they harvest from the field. We don’t weigh or measure specifically, but our crew ties together about a pound of carrots in each bunch. These bunches are loaded on a flat bed and delivered to barn for a high-pressure hose wash.

CleaningCarrots1We get remove the majority of the soil with the hose, then the carrots are put through an additional wash as they move down the rolling table where they are received and packed.

CarrotsConveyerBeltThe rolling table works well for us because it give the produce a chance to drip dry before packing, and it decreases the amount of product handling, making our process more labor-efficient.


Market2photocontestCorvWednesdayOnce packed, our carrots are stored in a cooler until they are shipped to their final destination, such as the farmers’ market, restaurants, or our CSA or farmstand.