Watermelon Agua Fresca

Watermelon season is coming to close. It is sad but true. Willamette Valley temperatures are expected to rise again this week, so now is the time to plan some days devouring cool, sweet, refreshing watermelon in the last hot days of summer. We will have watermelons at our farm stand and farmers’ markets for this week. Next week there won’t be as many.

GTF Watermelon Blog 1We have orange, yellow, sorbet and red varieties available. When I can manage not to eat the whole watermelon, I have been enjoying simple aqua fresca drinks. I say simple because they only contain two ingredients: watermelon and ice blended together.

Blog Recipe Watermelon

Agua fresca is a refreshing drink popular in Mexico. At the Corvallis Albany Farmers’ Market, you can find it served fresh at Zia Southwest Cuisine.