Dinner Menu – April 23, 2015


We are serving some warm and nourishing dishes on our menu this week…..prawn pot pie for example. We hope to see you at the Farmstand.

Antipasti/Primi Piatti

Ricky’s pickles 3.5

salumi extra fly* 9.5

cavatelli con gamberi  7.5

duck butter on crispy pugliese  3.

trio of antipasti   7.5

soup/onion  5.

soup/vegetable  5.

GTF greens/roasted peppers/kalamata/balsamic  7.5


Pizza Rosso

garlic/basil/ mozzarella  10.5

ham/parsley/cauliflower/mozzarella  11.5

spinach/goat cheese /mozzarella  11.5


Pizza Bianco

Italian sausage/blue cheese/ mozzarella  11.5

bacon/parsley/parmesan/farm egg*/mozzarella 11.5

–add pickled jalapenos, egg 1.



prawn pot pie  18.5

duck/spinach/gratinata/blueberry 18.5

trout/mushroom/olive /snap peas/ceci and carrot/herbs  19.5

flat iron steak/chard/beets/potato/arugula/aioli * 19.5

crespelle/spinach/beschiamella/sorrel 13.5


To Finish

lemon curd cheesecake/lemon candy   6.5

mocha malva cake/caramel sauce 6.5

queen of sheba chocolate cake/chantilly/strawberry coulis  6.5

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