Lunch Menu: Week of April 28, 2015

We have added a Menu to our lunch menu…..3 courses…..lamb ragu with a pear tarte to finish, just to see if anyone is interested in a longer lunch experience.


Torta di crespelle-crepes, besciamella, mozzarella, chard, red onions served over beets


To Start
pork pâté with cornichon and dijon mustard 5.5
mixed field greens with balsamic vinaigrette 6.5
duck blue cheese and roasted pepper tarte 6.5
GTF salad – pickled beets, apple and mint vinaigrette 9.5
carrot soup with artisan bread 4/6
soup of the day with artisan bread 4/6

Pizze Rosso
garlic/basil/mozzarella 9.5
ham/parsley/leeks/mozzarella 10.5
spinach/goat cheese/mozzarella 9.5

Pizze Bianco
duck confit/blue cheese/mozzarella 9.5
colazione-bacon/parsley/parmesan/farm egg* 10.5
–add an egg for a dollar

orrecchiette with red onion, dandelion, blue cheese and tomato water 9.5
polenta gratinata with herbed ricotta, kalamata olive and roma tomato 9.5
torta di crespelle with beets, greens and pesto 9.5
duck leg confit with strata, carrots and dandelion greens 10.5
lamb ragú over tagliatelle with mustard greens and lemon and parsley gremolata 10.5
trout filets over herbed potatoes and chard 11.5
Menu Pranzo
GTF greens/lamb ragú/pear tarte 15.