2015 CSA – Week 13

CSA week 13 c


C.S.A. Newsletter Week 13

Packing Lunchboxes

Summer break is almost over, and some of our farm hands will be returning to school or college this month. I used to think summer break was just a vacation from school. In fact, the break was originally intended to be a time when kids could stay home to help their families on the farm during the part of the year when many hands are needed to help with the harvest. So, when school starts back up, it’s a sign for farmers that the season must have reached its peak and be nearing its turning point.

Labor day weekend is coming, so I know lots of your little ones (or you!) are stocking notebooks and pencils into your backpacks. If you’re packing a backpack, you’ll probably also be packing a lunchbox.

While you’re packing a lunch for your little ones, why not go ahead and pack one for yourself as well? Planning ideas for quick lunches and dinners is not only convenient, but we also make healthier choices when we choose our meals ahead of time rather than eating out. Plus, busy mornings are so much easier to endure when you’re looking forward to an extra yummy lunch! For me, an “extra yummy” lunch in the summer would probably involve a dip with dippers, a refreshing drink like tea, lemonade or kombucha, and a treat like a muffin or chocolate.

Carrots, cucumbers and peppers are perfect to go in a lunchbox with dip (or stuffing, in the case of sweet peppers): hummus, bean or tofu spreads, yogurt, sour cream or cheese spreads, egg salad, baba ganoush or roasted pepper sauce, pesto, or nut butter and honey… there are so many possibilities!

Box Contents

2 lb. Potatoes


1 lb. Tomatillos: Fresh tomatillo is tart and acidic, firm and tangy. After being cooked, it becomes sweet, soft and mellow. Tomatillos can be blanched, roasted, grilled, or diced raw into salsa verde (see the back!)


Cabbage: To make Deborah Madison’s Braised Cabbage with Chewy Fried Potatoes and Feta, sauté 4 large potatoes, sliced ¼ inch thick, in 2 Tbsp. olive oil over medium for 20 min., until tender. Season with salt and pepper. Cut 1 lb. cabbage into ribbons and put in a wide pan with ½ c. water. Cook covered over medium heat 10 min. Add a bit of butter along with the potatoes, ¼ c. chopped dill or parsley, and toss to mix. Finish with crumbled feta.

1 Sweet Onion

1 Red Cipollini: This has a sweet, smoky flavor when cooked. It is perfect to be stir fried with peppers, garlic and sausage.

2 Pimento Peppers

1 pt. Cherry Tomatoes

1 pt. Grapes

Summer Squash