2015 CSA – Week 14

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C.S.A. Newsletter Week 14

Awesome Rawsome Food

Somewhere over the rainbow, farming and cooking are optional hobbies. Cooking is considered an art form, not a necessary life skill, because raw food is easy picking. Mangos grow along the fence of people’s back porches. Cinnamon churros grow like tangled brambles, loaves of hearty seeded bread swell out of grain stalks like sunflowers, and jerky sticks dangle in heavy dreadlocks from Willow trees. Junk foods are healthy because they are literally vegetables. You can scoop a bowl of steamy soup from the Stew Lagoon, go spelunking in the Ice Cream Caves where ice cream freezes into stalactites along the crevices in the dark, or go for a walk along the wooded trails where fat, fat chocolate truffles hang like berries from the stems of bushes. I probably don’t even need to mention that Bacon Bushes grow like weeds, there.

I love to play in the kitchen. Even so, I sometimes get tired of cooking. Until all of my food dreams are realized, long work days are the price we pay for food. After work we work over the stove, and after dinner is finally on the table, there will be dishes to wash and a kitchen to clean. I’m a big believer in being easier on ourselves whenever we can. Maybe I can’t simply pick and eat a bread loaf, but I can do that with a veggie!

I like to eat raw foods often, as much for ease of preparation as for their health benefits. It’s so easy to just pull a carrot or squash out of the fridge and eat it with a dip. Most vegetables can be eaten raw, and are even healthiest that way. To me, those greens, carrots, peppers, squash and tomatoes in your CSA box today look like they’re ready to be chopped and dressed, stuffed, or dipped into a sauce!

Box Contents

2 lb. Potatoes

Mustard Greens: (Mibuna, Tatsoi, or Mizuna): As far as mustard spiciness goes, these are quite mild. I like to wilt them in salted, simmering water, chop them up, and layer them into lasagna, mac & cheese, or scalloped potatoes.

Collards: This mildly sweet green is perfect for wraps. Remove the stem and stuff the leaves with mango, bean sprouts, shredded carrot , cucumber, and cilantro, and dip into almond or peanut sauce.

1 lb. Bulk Juice Carrots: We call these “juice” or “stew” carrots because they are the carrots that grew in funny shapes and sizes. They are plenty tasty enough to go into any dinner (or juice)!

2 Sweet Onions

2 Leeks

2 Pimento peppers

Summer Squash: Make Grilled Zucchini Pesto dip by substituting grilled zucchini for the nuts in
your favorite pesto recipe (it takes1 zucchini for ¼ c. nuts).

4 Corn