2015 CSA – Week 22

week 22_

CSA Newsletter Week 22

Fond Farewell

This is your final CSA box of the 2015 CSA season. THANK YOU to all of you for supporting the farm this year!

For a farmer, winter brings both relief and new challenges. As the weather becomes increasingly wet and cold, our tasks become less comfortable. We’ll bulk up in puffy coats and waterproof coveralls, and gain ten pounds of mud on each foot. At the same time, the workload is greatly relieved, which will give us time to do projects that were put on the back burner in the summer. Winter is when we rest (a little) from our labors, and seek balance and comfort.

What I love about the cold weather is that it causes everything to slow down and become calm, and the farm will have a peaceful stillness about it for a few months. Most of our time will be spent organizing our storage areas, building or repairing things, drinking hot coffee with cream, and cleaning roots like carrots, shallots and onions. Since roots are the storage part of the plant that store carbs for the plant, they store well during the months when little grows. Leaves and fruits are prevalent in the summer, but once they are cut they can no longer draw nutrients from the roots to sustain themselves, so they don’t last long enough to store for winter.

After work we’ll bake breads and steep tea, curl up in a blanket, and listen to rain patter outside. Winter can truly be wonderful. I hope yours will be, too. Your assignment is to pull on your fuzzy socks, bake a hot delicious treat, and do something you love every day until the CSA registration forms get mailed out next year. This has been my last season as CSA coordinator, and next year I’ll be passing the reigns to my capable and kind coworker Lily. I know she is going to be a pleasure to work with as your new coordinator! These past few years have been so good for me, and I’ve learned a lot. I hope to still see you around now and then. A big, heartfelt thank you to all of you for another great year!

Box Contents

Black Kale

Savoy Cabbage

Purple-top Turnips


Butternut: For vegan custard, boil half of a roughly chopped butternut squash (about 4 cups worth) until tender. When it’s cool enough to handle, trim off the skin. In a food processor, combine the squash with 2 Tbsp. brown sugar. Add soy milk or nut milk a little bit at a time until you reach a consistency you like. Around 1-2 cups makes a smooth custard. Puree the mix, and then chill it. You can eat the custard by itself or mixed into quinoa or oat breakfast porridge.


Celery: If you have a dehydrator, celery tops with leaves can be dried and added to soups later.


2 Onions

2 Leeks


Carrots: Make harvest muffins by adding shredded carrots, apples, squash puree , walnuts and pecans to muffin batter.