Dinner Menu Highlights – April 7-9, 2016

To tease the palate…We are open for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night dinner service.


Secondi          (three course meal $29)

duck/carrot puree/spinach/golden raisin gastric   19.

quail/strata/leeks/carrots/sour cherry mostarda  18.5

flat iron/ smashed potato/arugula/caramelized onion   20.5

short ribs/polenta/kale/gremolata  19.5

chinook salmon#/spaetzle/carrots/leeks/aioli  19.

gnocchi with mozzarella/kale/tomato/parmesan  15.5


To Finish

crème brúlée   5.5

apple custard tart/chantilly   5.5

chocolate cake/mocha sauce/almond crisp  5.5

2 Replies to “Dinner Menu Highlights – April 7-9, 2016”

    1. Hi Signe,

      This weekend on the menu we plan to have the following desserts:

      ~Crème Brúlée Cheesecake
      ~Flourless Chocolate Cake
      ~Caramel Cake

      It’s possible that one or two of these tasty desserts may run out by Saturday evening, so the menu is a bit tentative.

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