Lunch Menu: Week of May 10, 2016

1561-Clams with Bacon


This is a rough cut folks!


bread-olives  4.

bread-ceci puree  4.5

Mosaic Farms pork pâté/mustard/cornichon 5.5

polpetti/tomato/pesto  6.5

bruschetta/roasted peppers/goat cheese 5.5

bruschetta/duck/duck/arugula  5.5

mixed field greens, balsamic vinaigrette  6.5

GTF salad –trout/carrots/white turnip  9.5

sausage and ceci soup/artisan bread  4

curried carrot soup/artisan bread   4



Pizze Rosse

garlic/oregano/mozz   9.5

bacon/blue/mozz  9.5

spring onion/mushroom/mozz  9.5


Pizze Bianche

duck/anchovy/scallion/mozz 10.5

egg/pesto/ham/mozz 10.5

goat/olives/spinach/mozz  10.5

–add an egg, pickled jalepenos

or anchovies for  $1



hunter’s sugo with tagliatelle  10.5

beet green crespelle   9.5

bollito with pork sausage, tongue  and new garlic broth   9.5

confit duck leg over polenta with baby carrots and beet greens   10.5

farro risotto  12.5

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