Dinner Menu for May 26-28, 2016

I will put up pictures as soon as we start plating at 5:30 on Thursday.

Welcome to the strawberries!



bread-olives   4.5

bread-pesto  4.5

duck rillette   5.5

duck liver mousse  5.5

pork pâté  5.5  (all three 9.5)

baked ricotta filled tomato  6.5

pulled duck slider/thyme and pickle  5.5

bruschetta/duck/pickled beets/blue  6.5

GTF salad –strawberries/pumpkin seeds  7.5

zuppa di pane 5

mushroom soup  5

Pizze Rosse

garlic/basil/oregano/mozzarella    9.5

mushroom/zukes/mozz  10.5

spinach/blue/scapes/mozz  10.5


Pizze Bianche

pesto/kale/mozz  10.

egg/ham/dandelion/mozz 10.5

goat/scallion/arugula/mozz   10.5


–add an egg or anchovies

for  2.


Secondi          (three-course meal $29)

duck/carrot/greens/turnip/blackberry 18.5

chinook/ white bean/purple potato/ dandelion/scapes/aioli  19.5

hanger steak/walla walla onion/roasted peppers/potato/pesto  19.5.

pork chop/polenta/new onion/baby carrot/favas/parsley/meyer lemon 18.5

basil & bleu cheese strata/grilled scapes/romas/zucchini  16.5


To Finish

sweet woodruff pot de crème/strawberry vol au vent   5.5

baked alaska “Hamid” /chocolate/almond/meringue/chocolate sauce  5.5

semolina pudding/caramelized golden raisin/pumpkin seed brittle/earl grey anglaise  5.5

orange sorbet “Momo”/grilled pound cake/cold strawberry soup  5.5

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