Dinner Menu: June 1-3, 2017


chad fell’s bread & marinated olives  5

roasted heirloom tomato bisque  6

xxxxxxxxxxxxx soup

mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette  6.5

baked chevre, roasted garlic & caramelized onions, pears, crostini  7.5

country pork terrine & extras 8

romaine, capers, crouton, parmesan 8

GTF salad, strawberries, hazelnuts, radishes, turnips, balsamic, parmesan  9.5

Pizze Rosse

garlic & basil  10.5

zucchini & peppers 11.5

bacon & kale  11.5


Pizze Bianche

egg, scallions, arugula  11.5

prosciutto & olive 11.5

sausage & caramel onion 11.5


–add an egg or anchovies

to any pie for  $1


Fresh radiatore pasta with olives,  leek scapes, goat cheese, bread crumbs  16

Salmon on lentils with green garlic, chard, carrots  20

Teres major, smashed potatoes,  black kale, aioli*  21

Duck breast, mushroom bread pudding, spinach and cherries 20

Lamb over polenta with walla walla onions, zucchini, lemon and parsley  21


To Finish

Pear and blueberry crumble with vanilla ice cream   6.5

Neapolitan cake with cream  7.5

Chocolate farmstyle cake in a white chocolate puddle   7.5

Boysenberry and hazelnut ice cream sandwich  6.5