Dinner Menu: August 24-26, 2017


chad fell’s bread & marinated olives  5

lamb chops, lentil salad, feta, red wine reduction  9

baked local chevre, roasted onions, garlic, pears and crostini  9

mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette  6.5

GTF salad, tomato, cucumber, green beans, jimmy nardello pepper, pumpkin seeds, yogurt & honey dressing  9.5

corn chowder, bacon lardons, chili oil  7

chilled melon soup, sweet basil 7


Pizze Rosse

garlic, basil,  mozz 13

bacon, bleu cheese  13

anaheim pepper, cherry tomato            13


Pizze Bianche

ham, leeks        13

zukes, kalamata olive  13


add an egg or anchovies 1


Potato Gnocchi with tomato, fennel, zucchini, escarole, tomato nage 19

Chinook Salmon with risotto, caramelized fennel, tomato, lemon buerre blanc 21.5

Flank Steak with mashed potato, carrot, green bean, coriander chimichurri     23

Duck Breast with polenta, barbarella eggplant, chard, blueberry gastrique   22

Pork Tenderloin with spaetzli, carrot, chard, mustard jus     21


To Finish

Coconut Chia Parfait with blackberry, pecans, and charentais   8

Goat Cheesecake with rosemary and tomato jam   8

Glazed Chocolate Beet Cake with cream   7