Dinner Menu: Sept. 28-30, 2017


Grilled seasonal vegetables, marinated olives, lemon vinaigrette, Gtf bread    8

Baked local chevre, roasted onions, garlic, local honey and crostini     9

Mixed greens, lemon vinaigrette   6.5

Gtf salad, orange, green beans, toasted hazelnuts, lemon vinaigrette   9.5

Eggplant parmigiana with mixed greens  7.5

Caprese salad with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, balsamic, e.v.o.o     7 .5

Panzanella salad with golden bread cubes, tomatoes, red onion, kalamata, capers, basil   6.5

Beef meatballs with tomato sauce and mixed greens  6.5

Lentil and vegetable soup  6


Pizze Rosse

with GTF  tomato sauce

mozzarella and basil   13

mozzarella, bacon and blue cheese 13

mozzarella, r. pepper, eggplant  and corn 13

Pizze Bianche

With béchamel sauce

ham and broccoli   13

duck confit and scallions13

kalamata and goat cheese13

add an egg or anchovies 1

Primi e Secondi

Spaghetti with sardines, fennel sauce, pine nuts, raisins, tomatoes     20

Crepes with eggplant and leek, chard, beets, basil pesto     16

Painted Hills flat iron steak, mashed potatoes, kale, horse radish aioli     23

Duck breast, carrot puree, spinach, honey   22

Carlton farm pork chops, creamy polenta, chard, basil pesto 22

Albacore tuna, prawns, clams cioppino with spinach, carrot, leek   20


Chili Chocolate Mousse with orange spiced shortbreads   5

Pumpkin Cheesecake with hazelnut crust and toffee sauce   6

Blackberry Apple Crisp with home-made vanilla ice cream   8