Lunch Menu: Week of May 1, 2018

Starters & Salads

Farm Salad (8.00) (vegan, GF)
GTF salad mix, carrot, radish, GTF pickled vegetables, with thyme & balsamic (add chicken 2.00)

Simply Salad (5.00) (vegan, GF)
GTF salad mix, carrot, radish, thyme balsamic (add chicken 2.00)

Frisee & Bacon Salad (9.00)
Radish, chive, bacon, warm bacon vinaigrette, parmesan, soft boiled egg, grilled Chad’s bread

Kale Caesar (8.00)
Caesar dressing, crouton, fontina, pickled onion, chive

Fish Cakes & Greens (12.00)
Pacific rockfish, potato, herbs, GTF salad mix, carrot, radish, red & white pickled onion, GTF pickled vegetables, charred chive  aioli, lemon thyme vinaigrette

White Beans and Bread (7.00) (V)
White bean spread, prop 1 microgreens, pickled red and white onions, Chad’s baguette

Chicken & Leek Soup (6.00)
Potato, Chard, herbs, Chad’s bread

Chad’s Bread and Butter (6.00) (V)
Honey & cracked pepper, kalamata olive,  herb & sea salt

Polenta & Chard (8.00) (V option, GF)
Polenta cake, rainbow chard, black & red kale, poached egg, bacon, garlic, leeks

From the Earth…en Oven

Kale & Onion Pizza (13.00)
Fresh mozzarella, olive oil, parmesan, herbs

The Cheese Pizza (11.00)
Tomato & roasted pepper marinara, Fresh mozzarella, fontina, parmesan, herbs

Smoked Chicken & Egg (14.00)
Fresh mozzarella, tomato & roasted pepper marinara, charred spring onion, parmesan

Sausage & Pesto (14.00)
Fontina, pickled onion, herbs

Larger Plates & Sandwiches

Kale & Tempeh Melt (13.00) (V)
Kale, caramelized onion, provolone cheese, charred scallion aioli, Chad’s bread, choice of side salad or slaw

Reuben Sandwich (14.00) (half 8.50) (V option)
GTF Pastrami, Isaac’s sauerkraut, swiss cheese, GTF thousand island, Chad’s rye, choice of side salad or slaw

Pulled Pork Sandwich (14.00)
GTF smoked pork, kale slaw, pickled onion, bacon & leek BBQ sauce, Chad’s bun, choice of  side salad or slaw

Mushroom & Pea Tendril Pesto Pasta (17.00) (V)
Maitake mushrooms, onion & garlic, parmesan, wide noodles

Fried Chicken (15.00)
GTF brined & breaded chicken breast, braised greens, smashed herb potato, rosemary chicken jus

Hanger & Roots (18.00) (GF)
8 oz Cascade Natural Hanger steak, smashed butter potato, carrot, parsnip, Japanese white turnip, braising greens, chimichurri

Jules’s Sweet Treats

Retro Carrot Cake (6.00)
Spring carrot cake, citrus-cream cheese frosting, ruby grapefruit, sweet cream

Honey Panna Cotta (6.00) (GF)
Sweet cream, Old Blue raw honey, GTF rhubarb poached in Tyee Wineries Gewurztraminer

Orange-Chocolate Cake (7.00)
Seville orange curd, whiskey oranges, chocolate cake, ganache

Farm-Fresh Rhubarb Crisp (8.00) (GF)
Walnut, almond, and coconut crumble, GTF rhubarb, candied ginger, house cardamom ice cream

Groups of 6 or more will have 18% gratuity added

From the farm:
GTF braising mix, salad mix, black kale, red russian kale, chicory blend, chard, rhubarb, fava tops, basil, cilantro, mesclun mix, pea tendrils, radish sprouts, parsnip, carrots, yellow onion, red onion, shallots, leeks, chives, black radish, All Raabs, all other vegetables!