Lunch Menu: June 19-22, 2018

Halibut Chowder


*Prices & items are subject to change

Starters & Salads

Farm Salad (7.00) (GF, vegan)
GTF salad mix, carrot, radish, pickled vegetables, with thyme & balsamic (Add brined chicken 2.00)

Simply Salad (5.00) (GF, vegan)
GTF salad mix, carrot, radish, thyme balsamic (Add brined chicken 2.00)

Spring Vegetable Salad (9.00) (vegan)
Cucumber, tomato, radish, zucchini, carrot, snap pea, scallion, sherry vinaigrette, altamura croûtons

Fava beans (6.00) (GF)
Brown butter, hazelnuts, sherry vinegar

Fish Cakes & Greens (16.00)
Pacific rockfish, salmon, potato, herbs, GTF salad mix, carrot, radish, charred chive  aioli, lemon thyme vinaigrette

Chad’s Bread and Butter (6.00) (V)
Honey & thyme, smoked paprika, and herb butters

Halibut Chowder (6.00) (DF)
New potatoes, leeks, Chad’s bread

Polenta & Chard (8.00) (GF, V option)
Polenta cake, rainbow chard, black & red kale, poached egg, bacon, garlic, leeks

PolenPolenta & Chard

From the Earth…en Oven

Spring Vegetable Flatbread (8.00) (V)
Yoghurt, radish, carrot, zucchini

Margherita Pizza (11.00) (V)
Marinara, mozzarella, basil

Clam & Chorizo Pizza (14.00)
Garlic cream, garlic scapes, parmesan

Sausage and Pesto Pizza (14.00)
Basil pesto, wilted arugula, mozzarella, parmesan

Zucchini, Carrot & Spring Onion (13.00) (V)
Fontina, basil pesto

Add an egg 1.50
Add anchovy 2.00
Add roasted garlic 1.50

Reuben Sandwich

Larger Plates & Sandwiches

Chard & Tempeh Melt (13.00) (V)
Charred baby spring onions, provolone cheese, charred scallion aioli, Chad’s bread, choice of side salad or slaw

Reuben Sandwich (14.00) (half 8.50) (V option)
Pastrami, Isaac’s sauerkraut, swiss cheese, thousand island, Chad’s rye, choice of side salad or slaw

Lamb Gyro (14.00) (GF)
Cucumber tzatziki, radish, tomato, mix greens, mint

Grilled Spring Vegetables (15.00) (GF, vegan)
Carrot, snap peas, spring onion, zucchini, snap peas, new potato, mole verde, toasted pumpkin and sesame seeds (add brined chicken  3.00)

Spring Vegetable Pasta (15.00) (V, DF option)
Spring onion, baby zucchini, snap peas, garlic, marinara, parmesan, fettuccine (Add brined chicken 3.00)

Steak & Potato (20.00) (GF)
8 oz Cascade Natural hanger steak, butter whipped new potatoes, spring vegetables, red wine demi glace

Jules’ Sweet Treats

Farm-Fresh Rhubarb Crisp (8.00) (GF)
Walnut, almond, and coconut crumble, GTF rhubarb, candied ginger, strawberry ice cream. Served warm.

Chocolate Tier Cake (8.00)
Chocolate zucchini cake, orange buttercream, GTF strawberries, candied orange peel

Scoop of farm ice cream  ($3)
Ask server for available flavors

From the farm: strawberries, rhubarb, garlic scapes. Snap pea, zucchini, young potato, radishes, romaine, broccolini, basil, spring garlic, salad mix, chard, basil, cilantro, radish sprouts, carrots, yellow onion, leeks,  endive, arugula, beets, cucumber, chives, tarragon, thyme, parsley, oregano, all other vegetables! (except celery and clove garlic)