Lunch Menu: Week of Nov. 13, 2018

Salads & Small Plates

Simple salad and balsamic vinaigrette 7-

Mixed green salad with fall vegetables, hazelnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette 9-

Sourdough bread and salted butter 6-

Plate of pickled farm vegetables 6-

Pork rillettes with farm pickles, stone ground mustard and toasted bread 9-

Roasted beet salad with Alsea Acres chevre, hazelnuts, radicchio, and sherry vinaigrette 9-

Purple cabbage with poached quince, liberty apples, rose petal vinaigrette and walnuts 9-

Coppa, apples, Rogue Creamery blue cheese, hazelnuts, and treviso, with sherry vinaigrette 9-

Purple and green cabbage soup with parmesan crostini 6-

Tomato and roasted pepper soup with olive oil and grilled bread 6-


Roasted fall vegetables with celeriac puree 16-

Oregon rockfish cakes with mixed greens salad, farm pickles and charred scallion aioli 16-

Steamed Oregon lingcod with braised napa cabbage, onions, carrots and a shaved celery and radish salad 20-  

Braised pork shoulder with baked apples and quince, parsnip puree, leeks and braised greens 19-

Fettuccine with guanciale, broccolini, radicchio, pecorino romano and bread crumbs 18-

Grilled filet mignon with roasted potatoes, romanesco, kale and red pepper aioli 22-


Farm smoked chorizo on ciabatta with peperonata, cilantro and garlic aioli 13 / 7.5-

Farm smoked Oregon Valley Beef tongue pastrami on rye with farm sauerkraut, thousand island and emmentaler cheese

Roasted delicata squash, hazelnut butter and shaved brassicas on pugliese 12 / 7-


Wood-Fired Pizzas

Quattro Formaggio 11-

Guanciale, mozzarella, and tomato sauce 13-

Sage sausage, pickled peppers, garlic and scallions with tomato sauce and mozzarella  14-

Romanesco, kalamata olives and celeriac with Alsea Acres feta, onion confit, and olive oil 13-