Lunch Menu: Week of March 28, 2019

*Items & prices are subject to  change

Salads & Small Plates

Simple salad and sherry vinaigrette 7-

Mixed green salad with winter vegetables, hazelnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette 9-

Plate of farm pickled vegetables   6-

Sourdough bread and whipped european butter 6-

Salad of kalettes, pickled beets, pecorino romano, toasted almonds and sherry vinaigrette 9-

White bean and kale puree with garlic crostinis 6-

Moroccan carrot salad with spiced yogurt 7-  

Fennel sausage and pickled pepper gratin with garlic crostinis 9-

Potato and leek soup with parmesan bread  6-



Toulouse sausage with stewed heirloom beans and herb pistou  14-

Potato and sunchoke perogies with roasted cabbage, mustard greens and brown butter 15-

Nettle and chevre raviolis with olive oil, toasted walnuts and lemon  16-

Seared pork chop with rutabaga puree, carrot remoulade and rhubarb demi glace  19-


Oregon Valley Beef pastrami on rye with farm sauerkraut, emmentaler cheese and thousand island  13-

Oregon Valley Beef burger on a brioche bun with gruyere, grilled onions, and garlic aioli 13-

Grilled spring vegetables and herbs with whipped chevre on grilled flatbread 12-

Wood-Fired Pizzas

Pizza Bianca 12-

Creme fraiche, montbeliard sausage, purple broccoli, scallions and wash rind cheese 15-   

Pesto, fennel sausage, crushed potato, shallot and bitter greens  15-

Leeks, kale rabe, olives, chili flake, wash rind cheese and pecorino cheese 14