Lunch Menu: Week of Sept. 24, 2019

Salads & Small Plates

Simple salad and champagne vinaigrette  7-

Mixed green salad with summer vegetables, pepitas, and basil vinaigrette  9-

Plate of farm pickled vegetables  6-

Chevre tartine with grapes, honey, hazelnuts and lemon zest  8-

Radicchio salad with shaved apples, fennel, shallots, mint yogurt and mozzarella  9-

Sourdough bread with butter and Newport sea salt  6-

Tiger eye bean soup with charred radicchio, pecorino, and grilled bread  6-


Plate of grilled summer vegetables with mole verde and toasted pepitas  15-

Fettuccine pasta with summer vegetable ragout, pecorino romano and breadcrumbs  16- 

Seared albacore tuna with romesco, poached potatoes, sweet peppers, onions, grilled corn and fresh herbs  23-

Grilled GTF chicken with olive oil fried potatoes, roasted peppers, pickled onions and aji verde sauce  20-


Community Cow beef pastrami on rye with farm sauerkraut, emmentaler cheese and thousand island*  13-

Community Cow beef burger on a brioche bun with aged white cheddar , sweet onions, tomato, butter lettuce and garlic aioli  13-

Grilled summer vegetables and herbs with whipped chevre on grilled flatbread  12-

Wood-Fired Pizzas

Pizza Bianca with fresh herbs  13-

Pizza Margherita  13-        

Fennel sausage, anaheim peppers, red onion, GTF tomato sauce, and mozzarella  15-   

Basil pesto, fresh tomato, shishito peppers, and pecorino  14-

Roasted delicata squash ,cherry tomato, zucchini, and gruyere  14-