About GTF

Farmers John & Sally and their daughter Haylee.

Gathering Together Farm is a mid-size organic vegetable and fruit producer owned by John Eveland and Sally Brewer, located in various parcels along the Marys River in Philomath, Oregon. GTF maintains a presence at nine weekly farmers’ markets in Corvallis, Newport, and the Portland area. The farm also supplies fresh produce directly to over 100 restaurants and grocery stores. The transition to operating its own restaurant/farm stand right on the property was very natural, offering customers gourmet meals cooked with as-fresh-as-you-can-get fruits and veggies straight from the farm.

This blog is intended to forge connections among employees, customers, partners, friends, and organic farming/gardening enthusiasts by informing them of what’s happening on the farm and in the community. The blog will cover many aspects of farming and owning a farm business, including but not limited to: partners (Where does all the produce go?), people (Who makes it all possible?), practices (How do we farm?), and produce (What is it?).


Gathering Together Farm’s mission statement is to be “A productive farm creating balance with the earth, humanity, and ourselves.” This very broad mission allows great flexibility in choosing where we invest our effort while providing guidelines for making decisions.

Standing behind this mission are several deeply held values. They are:

  1. To maintain a spiritual and ecological relationship to the earth
  2. To serve humanity and the earth
  3. To actualize our personal potential

We pursue these overarching goals by pursuing these specific goals:

  1. Grow high quality fruits and vegetables
  2. Provide local communities with quality products
  3. Evolve and demonstrate a CSA economic model
  4. Support community food security
  5. Provide opportunities for people to connect with the land through events, work, and education
  6. Explore and develop ways that others can use the land as a resource in a symbiotic relationship with our endeavors
  7. Help other farmers be successful in our community through cooperative enterprises, consulting, education, and example
  8. Provide workers with meaningful employment
  9. Provide opportunities for the community to support our work
  10. Support the local community
  11. Strengthen our farm community (workers, CSA members, etc.)
  12. Strengthen the sustainable agriculture movement in its many forms


All photos used on this blog from December 2011 through October 2012 were taken by Camille Storch. You can contact her at camille@waywardspark.com.  Most of the photos used on this blog between March 2015 to present were taken by Jaime Fuller Photography. All other photos taken by GTF office and kitchen staff. You can contact them at gtf@gatheringtogetherfarm.com.