Kitchen Crew of Which to Be Proud!!!

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What a kitchen crew. They love to eat, laugh, shape loaves, shape pizza, slice steaks, write special event menus, ski, cycle and garden. The younger half hails from the local jungle…Corvallis and Philomath. Ben and Lawson are both working on 5 plus years here at GTF. The more mature half of the team hails from far flung North Carolina and further flung northern Sicily. Aaron is a jack of all trades here at the farm, and Fabio sets his focus on tender moist meats.

Welcome to the Lunch Crew! Lunch Menu: Week of March 31, 2015

It’s a sunny April at the Farmstand! We are up and running – the season proper has started. We are open five lunches and three dinners a week. We have some familiar faces in new and exciting spots, as usual. We will have some bumps while settling in, but also new blood bringing new ideas and energy. People come first for us! You can find the week’s menu at the end of this post.


Hamid, pastry master


Master Chad Fell, the sourdough behind the bread


Rose, back in the house after child bearing


Brian Runningman, secondary pan flipper


Ricky, primary pan flipper


Shea Shea, omelette specialist turned pizzaiola


me the chef

To Start
pork pâté with cornichon and dijon mustard 5.5
mixed field greens with balsamic vinaigrette 6.5
GTF salad –white turnips, pears and meyer lemon vinaigrette 9.5
butternut soup with artisan bread 4/6
ham & vegetables soup with artisan bread 4/6

Pizze Rosso
garlic/oregano/mozzarella 9.5
bacon/leeks/mozzarella 10.5
mushrooms/olives/mozzarella 9.5

Pizze Bianco
Italian sausage/roasted bell peppers/mozzarella 10.5
ham/eggs/kale/mozzarella 10.5
–add an egg for a dollar

pork ravioli with mushrooms, leeks and tomato sauce 9.5
gnochetti (malloreddus) with butternut squash, ricotta cheese & arugula 9.5
roasted duck leg, spinach and white beans 10.5
garlic sausage with braised red cabbage, roasted potatoes & mustard 10.
seafood brodetto of pacific rockfish, prawns, potatoes, tomatoes & kale with ailoli* 11.5

Meet Hamid, Our New Pastry Chef

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our new pastry chef Hamid Serdani, who has already put his own stamp on our pastry offering, and is a hoot to have around the kitchen


And now in his own words;

I was born and raised in a beautiful village in Algeria (North-Africa), called Cherchell, which is situated on the Mediterranean sea, with a population similar to that of Corvallis.  It is in this idyllic setting, that I was raised and taught a love for food from my mother and  grandmother.  Together, we would forage for mushrooms and snails, as well as various herbs for food and medicine.  Every day we would visit the village market to buy fresh produce and walk down to the small harbor for the day’s catch.

As a young man I moved to the Champagne region of France where I fell in love with their cuisine, wine and my lovely wife, Maryna.  We relocated to her hometown of Stellenbosch, in the heart of South Africa’s wine region.  It is there where I graduated from the renowned Institute of Culinary Arts (ICA) as ‘Chef par excellence’ and received the Wusthoff Achievement Award.  The next 2 years I worked as full-time lecturer and instructor at the ICA, where I taught upcoming chefs the finer skills of baking, pastry-making and chocolaterie.  In 2003, my wife, son and I decided to further broaden our horizons and settled in Oregon.
Over the past 13 yearsI have perfected my skills at Grande Roche Paarl ,Willowbrook Lodge Restaurant, Lanzerac Manor, Erinvale Estate, J.C. Le Roux in South Africa and several restaurants in Oregon.
I love food! It is what I do best. I cook it, I photograph it, and, best of all, I eat it!

Welcome Back to the Farmstand in 2014!

The Farmstand will be open for lunch and vegetable sales starting on March 6th.


We have all been beavering away to get things ready for the early spring opening. The kitchen crew literally can’t wait to get back into action. Members of our squad have been to Europe, North Africa, Portland and in a literary sense to Italy, France, and England. New cats, new techniques to learn, new guitars, new albums, and a couple of new faces. Stay tuned for an introduction to our new kitchen members – one is coming all the way from Minnesota!