Rockstar Sous Chef


Ricky has been an important part of the GTF kitchen for quite a while. Here he is sporting the 2009 kitchen t-shirt. Every year we all sport a GTF shirt with the current year. If you see one out on the street, make sure to give a shout out: “Love those donuts!” or something.

Ricky has also been working very hard to make his band The Crescendo Show a success. Here is a small sample:


Know Your Tosser


Dick G. will again be burning tossing your pizzas this year. He has been with us for years in his spare time and this year will up his involvement in the kitchen. Dick is full of power, energy and enthusiasm, commitment and kitchen experience. He spent his off-season training in various Portland kitchens picking up trucs (French word for chef’s tricks). This year Dick will step off the wood oven station and move to the hot line to gain experience with fish and meat. There is always so much to learn, and culinary curiosity is almost a requirement in the GTF kitchen.

Baguettes and Brainstorming


In this winter of this thing that we call the farm:

Chad Fell is busting out baguettes to be eaten at Luc, our first restaurant account, while I am putting together the framework for more restaurant accounts.

Meanwhile, I am prepping for a conference in Eugene. The moderator has asked for a bio, and I am thinking about the history that pushed me here.