Sweet Woodruff and Handmade Pasta


Sweet woodruff from JC’s backyard is infused into a cream sauce as the partner to carrots and caramelized shallots and chive blossoms. Every single portion we served today left the kitchen with a huzzah!


Our old friend brodetto made even sweeter and richer by new potatoes.

Slow Fooood Benefit Dinner

Welcome back to town Aaron Schorsch, just in time to help out at the Terra Madre delegate trip expenses fundraiser.

Always a joy to work with someone who has the skillssssssss.

Here we are enjoying ourselves, as usual.

sf corvallis gathering together dinner 2014_low res-3

Lumos Wine Dinner Was Awesome!

Saturday night we had our joint wine dinner with the ace winemakers from Lumos Wine Company.

Everything was great from weather to ambiance, wine, guests, and food.

There were two standouts from the first course, which was a guided tasting (the order of tastes was suggested by the chef). The first was a one side crispy, one side soaked with beet vinaigrette slice of brioche, followed by actual marinated beets, followed by a creamy almond mousse, followed by apple topped with a salty almond dust….one of the comments was, “It was strange but I loved it, that’s why we keep coming to these dinners.”

I think strange but lovable describes our kitchen well.

The second standout was the grilled elk flank steak over red wine risotto, with chard and a chicken liver croquetta. The best comment for this course was a fist pump and a “yes!” This was the best wine and food match of the night…big flavors, textures, big wine.

A warm thank you to our guests and to Lumos for their gracious smiles and great wine.