Back to School Again


Learning is a never-ending process in the craft of cooking. I spent the day tasting, learning, discussing and laughing with Chef Tim Bass, the charcuterist for King Estates Winery. He loves what he does! That’s why he looks a little bit like the buddha, smiling and holding his cured hams. We tasted salami’s, coppa’s, fresh sausage, country ham, pressed terrines, lardo, more lardo, pancetta, and quanciale.

Sorry doc, I’ll do a few extra laps to burn off all the cholesterol.


A great nod of thanks to King Estates and head Chef Ben Nadolny for inviting me share in their pork processes.


Welcome Back to the Farmstand in 2014!

The Farmstand will be open for lunch and vegetable sales starting on March 6th.


We have all been beavering away to get things ready for the early spring opening. The kitchen crew literally can’t wait to get back into action. Members of our squad have been to Europe, North Africa, Portland and in a literary sense to Italy, France, and England. New cats, new techniques to learn, new guitars, new albums, and a couple of new faces. Stay tuned for an introduction to our new kitchen members – one is coming all the way from Minnesota!

Love and the River

Despite a threateningly high water level in the Mary’s River (and our parking lot)we have had wonderful Valentine’s celebrations this week with a dinner on Thursday and Friday and one more this evening. I stole a moment out of my day’s prep to put up some images from the last two nights. Enjoy, and I hope you had as much fun as we did! For those with the lucky reservations, I hope to see you tonight!




Snow Body There

snow body there

Our bread to go out to restaurants sits forlornly like a cowboy without a horse, like a tail without a wag, like crusty warm bread with no butter and salt. Everybody is closed today because of a snow storm in Corvallis!

Now Where Did I Put My List?

The farm is cranking back up to speed. We are thinking about and preparing for our first events of the year. It always takes extra lists and planning in the beginning – new people, rusty ordering, cold ovens, etc. In the middle of the season, we will pull off events like these without breaking a sweat, but for right now we are blissfully focused on what we have to get done. It is good to be back. Hope to see you soon!