Lunch Menu: Week of July 3, 2014

It’s a beautiful evening at the farm – come on out and see us.

Antipasti/Primi Piatti
salumi 7.5
trio of antipasti 7.5
salmon rillette on artisan bread 5.5
soup/cold/cucumber 5.
soup/squash/basil 5.
GTF greens/beet/almond/goat cheese 7.5
GTF greens/cucumber/tomato/crouton 7.5

Pizza Rosso
garlic/basil/ mozzarella 10.5
bacon/mushroom/mozzarella 11.5
ricotta/squash/pesto /mozzarella 11.5

Pizza Bianco
ham/favas/mushroom/ mozzarella 11.5
potato/onion/blue cheese/mozzarella 11.5
colazione-bacon/egg/parmesan/green onion 11.5

–add anchovy, pickled jalapenos, egg 1.

duck /carrot/chard/ Paula and Seymour’s blackcurrant sauce 17.5
chinook/white bean/fennel/onion/pesto 19.5
lamb/polenta/squash/tomato/anchovy caper sauce 17.5
flat iron steak/smashed potato/black kale /aioli* 19.5
risotto/peas/pesto 15.5

To Finish
chocolate/coffee mousse 6.5
creme brûlée 6.5
raspberry almond cake 6.5

Lumos Wine Dinner Was Awesome!

Saturday night we had our joint wine dinner with the ace winemakers from Lumos Wine Company.

Everything was great from weather to ambiance, wine, guests, and food.

There were two standouts from the first course, which was a guided tasting (the order of tastes was suggested by the chef). The first was a one side crispy, one side soaked with beet vinaigrette slice of brioche, followed by actual marinated beets, followed by a creamy almond mousse, followed by apple topped with a salty almond dust….one of the comments was, “It was strange but I loved it, that’s why we keep coming to these dinners.”

I think strange but lovable describes our kitchen well.

The second standout was the grilled elk flank steak over red wine risotto, with chard and a chicken liver croquetta. The best comment for this course was a fist pump and a “yes!” This was the best wine and food match of the night…big flavors, textures, big wine.

A warm thank you to our guests and to Lumos for their gracious smiles and great wine.

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On another topic…we take reservations for six of our seven weekly services. If you have a frustrated time getting a table for the Saturday brunch, try one of our services that do take reservations.

To those who have had trouble landing a table, please accept my apologies, and do try at a different time or day, and I will so gladly make you some delicious grub.

gtf chef

Wine Dinner Evolution

Putting together a no holds barred multi-course wine-paired dinner is a process, an evolution, and a lot of open field running. Mostly it’s leaning over a counter with a tired kitchen tribe bouncing ideas that I mostly ignore. But then someone’s dish idea sparks a train of thought, and we pull up different options for different elements (taste, texture, richness,etc..) that come together to form a successful dish.

“We need something sweet to balance the salty fat,” for example.
“How about beet?”
“How about apple?”
“How about beet and apple?”

It happens quickly and then I try to put the pieces together, like where can I get what, how much time it will take to plate, etc. It changes just as quickly.

Anyhoo…here’s what we have so far:

*assorted antipasti including our country pate and artisanal bread
*almond mousse with beets, apples, brioche and almond dust
*cavatelli with favas, scapes and blue foam
*smoked pheasant breast with mustard and new potatoes
*cucumber palate cleanser
*grilled elk with red wine risotto, black kale, and smoked fennel salt
*dessert from our pastry chef Hamid