January’s Pig – 2012


salame nostrano
surface culture

We have survived the inundation and are heading strong into the new year at Gathering Together Farm. As you recall in an earlier post, Aimee chronicled the breakdown of the Mosaic Farm pig. Here is one of the projects begun on that day.

I ground muscle portions from the ham and the shoulder and  tossed with red wine, garlic, salt, a fermenting culture and finally large diced fatback. This sticky brat was stuffed into beef middles, tied, weighed and labeled. From there the young salamis go into a fermenting chamber where the fermenting culture becomes active and lactic acid is produced in large enough amounts to discourage any other bacterial growth. Once the pH has dropped sufficiently, the salamis head for the drying chamber. A drying chamber is temperature and humidity controlled to allow for a slow water loss from drying meats/salamis. At a 35% water loss the salami reaches another benchmark for safety…there is not enough water available for bacterial growth. We are technically there but will need more time to develop depth and complexity of  flavor. Coming soon to a salumi platter near you!

Checking the salame nostrano for moisture loss.

Featured Partner: Compote

This is the first in an occasional series spotlighting Gathering Together Farm’s restaurant and grocery store partners. 

Compote is a comfortable, family-friendly bakery and cafe in SE Portland that serves breakfast and lunch Tuesday through Sunday. Owner Shauna Lane-Block places a strong emphasis on wholesome simple meals full of locally-sourced, farm-direct produce and eggs. Everything on the menu is made from scratch, and the coffee (from PDX’s own Ristretto Roasters) is deliciously made to order.















The roasted root and kale soup (including many GTF-supplied ingredients) was a big hit.

The egg salad sandwich was spiced up with a healthy dose of GTF arugula, and it came with a side salad of mixed greens (also from GTF).

The coffee was bold and rich, perfect for warming up hands and bellies on a cold day.

Compote also bakes a wide selection of pastries in-house.

A great play area accompanies a versatile kids’ menu, and the waitstaff is especially patient, friendly, and understanding around young children.

As farmers, we truly appreciate Compote’s commitment to supporting local, organic producers, and we look forward to sending more vegetables their way in the future.


2032 SE Clinton St.
Portland, OR 97202
8 am to 4 pm Tuesday through Friday
3 am to 3 pm Saturday and Sunday

For more information, visit Compote’s website or “like” Compote on Facebook.

(Restaurants in the Corvallis, Newport, or Portland areas that are interested in buying GTF fruits and vegetables should contact the GTF office staff via email: gtf@gatheringtogetherfarm.com.)


High Waters 2012

As the long-awaited rains come, the level of the Mary’s river has surprised us all.  Grange Hall Road is as closed as a submarine door.

On the one hand, the overflowing river has given us a fertile soil. On the other hand…the river is overflowing.