Dinner Menu for June 2-4, 2016


bread-olives   4.5

bread-aioli  4.5

-duck rillette   5.5

-duck liver mousse  5.5

-pork pâté  5.5  (all three 9.5)

gratinata of lamb sausage/white bean  6.5

bruschetta/duck/pickled beets/blue  6.5

GTF salad –strawberries/almonds  7.5

curried carrot soup  5

ducky onion soup   5

Pizze Rosse

garlic/basil/oregano/mozzarella    9.5

blue/ham/mozz  10.5

mushroom/kale/mozz  10.5


Pizze Bianche

pesto/zukes/mozz  10.

egg/bacon/scallion/mozz 10.5

duck/goat/onion/mozz   10.5


–add an egg or anchovies

for  2.


Secondi          (three course meal $29)

duck/ carrot puree/spring onions/favas/honey 18.5

chinook/new potatoes/beet greens/white turnip/e. v. olive oil  20.5

hanger steak/spring onion/beets/frisee/pesto  19.5

chicken breast/garlic scape risotto/mustard caper sauce/pea tops 18.5

lamb ragú/creamy polenta/chard/italian parsley 17.5

basil  strata /romas/zucchini /chard/pesto 16.5


To Finish

dobos torte/spiced anglaise/peanut crunch   6.5

orange crème brúlée/almond shortbread 5.5

strawberries/cream scones/chantilly  5.5

blueberry ice cream / pound cake/coconut   5.5

Lunch Menu: Week of April 28, 2014

Sorry about missing the post last week – wine dinner weeks are always a tad more than I can chew…..
No complaints here. I am always grateful and a little surprised that the people still come around for my experiments!

To Start
toasted pugliese, duck liver mousse, chicory and balsamic 4.5
pork pâté with cornichon and whole grain mustard 6.5
mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette 6.5
apple and arugula salad 6.5
GTF salad – bartlett pears, sesame seeds and ginger/coriander vinaigrette 9.5
mushroom soup with artisan bread 4/6
ducky onion soup and artisan bread 4/6

Pizze Rosso
garlic /herb/mozz 9.5
bacon/mushroom/dandelion/mozz 10.5
olive/thyme/blue/mozz 10.5

Pizze Bianco
shrimp/asparagus/chicory/mozz 9.5
Italian sausage/chard/mozz 10.5
colazione-bacon/egg/pea shoots/ground pepper 10.5

Menu: 20.
greens and apple salad

Mosaic Farms pork loin on polenta (10.5)*

choco tarte

agnolotti of ricotta with leeks, carrots, shallots 9.5
creamy polenta with soft poached farm egg and seasons finest veggie* 9.5
cannelloni di manzo with chard, pickled allium and asparagus 10.5
chinook with shrimp risotto cake, white turnips and pea tops 11.5
confit of duck leg with rhubarb, potatoes and kale 10.5