Beer Dinner featuring Block 15 Brewery

Enjoy a five-course prix fixe dinner accompanied by
three beer pours from Block 15 Brewery

March 16th
6:30 p.m.
$75 per person

Here is the beer lineup:
NW Style IPA
Belgian Ale
Flanders Red Ale
Maple Barrel Aged Barley Wine

Seating is limited. reservations are required and will be
accepted starting March 1st.

 To reserve your table, call the Farmstand at (541) 929-4270.
We apologize that we cannot accept reservations via email.

September on the Farm – A Time of Transitions

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we go hard all summer long. We Oregonians know all too well that summer sits precariously in the year like an island amidst a sea of rainy days, and we must make the most of it. So we get lost in the heat of the season, trying to soak up every last ray of sunshine while the days are long, jumping into the river every chance we get, and eating our weight of the sweet summer fruits that we’ll soon miss so much. For us on the farm, summer is the time to, as they say, make hay while the sun shines.

But then the abundance of August gives way to September, and things begin to transition all around us. Summer produce begins its descent away from the apex of abundance, and the nights roll in with a chill that reminds us that our time on this summer island will not last forever.

Though most of us mourn summer’s decline, September really is a unique time of year when we still get to enjoy the last fruits of summer even as the fall harvest begins rolling in. Our greens that have taken a hiatus in the heat are now bursting forth with delicate new leaves, winter squash is ripening up on the vine, and the immense diversity of root vegetables that we grow are sizing up secretly beneath the earth.

Farming requires us to have our bodies in tune with the environment in a way that modern life has worked to distance us from, and to notice the cycles of transition by which we must abide. In this way life demands of us that we be present to experience it if we are to expect it to produce the abundant food that graces your plate.

There are hot times and there are cold times, times of abundance and times of famine, and even more times where the lines between these extremes are not so clear. The food in front of you today is an embodiment of transition, and the flavors to be experienced cannot be found at any other time of year or on any other place on the globe. It is regionality by the spoonful. Nowhere else at this moment will a poblano be developing its deep, mole flavor as it enters its chocolate-red state of ripeness, ready to be combined with a sweet and buttery delicata winter squash fresh from the vine. It is in these times of transition that we can literally taste summer ending while fall begins, all within a single bite. Eat up.

Laura Bennett

Lunch Menu: Week of March 1, 2018

Lunch on the Farm

Farm salad (6.00)
GTF Mesclun mix, carrot, radish, farm giardiniera, yogurt herb, or thyme and balsamic dressing

Beet & chevre (7.50)
Pickled name beets, hazelnut lemon chevre, red & green mizuna mustard greens, yellow onion, beet pickle juice vinaigrette

Root vegetable slaw (4.00)
Carrot, parsnip, celeriac, beets, parsley, red onion, yogurt herb dressing

GTF vegetable soup (6.00) (cup 4.00)
Potato, parsnip, carrot, kale, chard, onion, tomato, Chad’s bread

White bean and bread (8.00)
White bean spread, prop 1 microgreens, pickled red and white onions, Chad’s baguette

Polenta & chard cakes (7.00)
Polenta cakes, rainbow chard, black & red kale, poached egg, bacon, garlic, onion

Fish cakes & greens (11.00)
Washington petrale sole, potato, herbs, leeks, chicory greens, scallion & garlic aioli, lemon thyme vinaigrette

Reuben sandwich (12.00) (half 7.00)
Pastrami, Isaac’s sauerkraut, swiss cheese, farm thousand island, Chad’s rye, choice of GTF side salad, soup, or slaw

Muffaletta sandwich (14.00) (half 9.00)
Mortadella, salami, ham, provolone cheese, farm giardiniera, scallion & garlic aioli, Chad’s ciabatta, choice of GTF side salad, soup, or slaw

Carbonara (15.00)
Farm made noodles, smoked root vegetables, bacon lardons, onion, egg, parmesan (vegetarian available)

Pork & Beans (11.00)
Pork meatballs, Hutterite beans, fava top & basil pesto, toasted nut crumble

Chicken & fontina (16.00)
Airline chicken breast, herb & butter fontina, braising greens, parsnip & celeriac puree, pickled mustard seed sauce

Beef ragu & gnocchi (18.00)
Braised beef, red wine, carrots, parsnip, celeriac, potato gnocchi, mache, parmesan

News from the Farm – Beginning of 2018

GTF is off to a great start in 2018. Spring vegetables are here!  We have been getting great production from our overwintering greens. All the fresh greens you are eating today are from our outdoor production. Watercress and mache are from greenhouse production. All the roots were harvested this last fall and stored away for your enjoyment for many months to come.

Our propagation greenhouse is full of starts which will be transplanted into our high tunnels as well as become our first outdoor plantings. We’ve got a lot of healthy young tomato plants with grafted rootstock to make them even happier. In our high tunnels we have seeded carrots, beets, spinach, cilantro, white turnips, radishes, scallions, chicory, and peas.

If you are willing to embrace the mud, we welcome you to take a look around and enjoy the beauty of our vegetables bursting forth.

Lunch Menu: Week of August 2, 2016


3177-webCarpaccio of golden and chioggia beet


bread/olives  4.5

bread/pesto 4.5

eggplant puree/tomato 5.5

carpaccio of golden and chioggia beet  6.5

mixed field greens, balsamic vinaigrette  6.5

duck bruschetta  6.5

caprese salad  6.5

GTF salad  –

duck breast/peach/fennel vin  9.5

cold gazpacho/bread  4

yellow squash soup/bread   4


Pizze Rosse

garlic/basil/mozz  9.5

duck/leek/pickled jalap/mozz  10.5

ham/peppers/spinach/egg/  11.5

–add an egg, pickled jalapenos $1


Pizze Bianche

porkbelly/corn/mozz   10.5

shallots/basil/blue/mozz   10.5

bacon/pesto/squash /mozz   10.5

Ivy Pie

peach/blue cheese/arugula 10.5


Duck ravioli with lardon, baby shallots, almonds, squash


duck ravioli with lardon, baby shallots, almonds, squash 10.

grilled albacore tuna with tomato, potato, zucchini, radicchio and pesto 12.

ricotta stuffed onion with carrots, beans and braising greens 10

gnocchi with pork ragú and chard  10.

quail with ceci, tomato, zucchini, chard with a golden raisin relish 11.