Views Around the Farm Stand + Dinner Menu for April 12-13

We’re serving dinners at the farm stand every Thursday and Friday night from 5:30-8:45. Reservations are strongly recommended.














The Dinner Menu (This is actually the April 12 menu, but it will be very similar tonight, April 13.)

to start:

salumi platter
trio of little salads
crunchy trotter terrine with potato salad
animelle gratinata with mushroom and parsnip
creamy beet soup
mushroom-parmesan soup
GTF greens with almond, beet, blue cheese, and balsamic
GTF greens with cranberry, goat cheese, and red wine dressing


house pepperoni/tomato/mozzarella


rockfish/crepe/carrot/chard/watercress/pea shoots/ pumpkin seeds
lava lake lamb/tomato/leek/kale/arugula pesto
flat iron/smashed potato/carrots/rutabaga/black olive aïoli
duck breast/carrot puree/ raab/golden raisins


a variety of wines from Spindrift CellersLumosTyee Wine Cellars, and Pheasant Court Winery
a variety of beers from Deschutes Brewery and Oregon Trail Brewery
iced tea

to finish:

chocolate banana custard tart with chantilly
apple rhubarb crisp with ginger ice cream
crème brulée with lemon shortbread

Ricky cooks up a fresh batch of tomato sauce for pizzas in our earth oven. The sauce is made from GTF tomatoes frozen at the peak of the season last fall plus leeks, shallots, garlic, and salt.

JC sieves carrot puree.

crunchy trotter terrine

Before every dinner, JC (head chef) sits down with the waitstaff (Tamara on the left, Alison in the middle) to discuss the finer points of the menu. JC defines any unfamiliar culinary terms and describes each dish and its ingredients.

purple potatoes for pizza
a custom pizza request–pesto/mozzarella/leeks/purple potatoes/bacon (not yet added)
lightly pickled carrots for salad garnish

Views Around the Farm Stand + Dinner Menu for April 6

flat iron

Chef JC and the kitchen crew kicked off the official 2012 farm stand dinner series with a bang. It’s obvious that there’s a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm in the kitchen, and everyone is working hard to bring the best food and the best experiences to our dinner guests. We will continue to serve dinners every Thursday and Friday night from 5:30 until 9:00. Reservations are strongly recommended, especially if you’d like to dine before 8:00.

slices of housemade baguette

The Menu (The dinner menu changes every serving day, so this is just one example of what you can expect.)

to start:

salumi platter
trio of little salads
trippa stufata e gratinata
crostini of olive/peppers/goat cheese
GTF greens/hazelnut/cranberry/balsamic
GTF greens/pear/goat cheese/red wine dressing
crostini of olive/peppers/goat cheese

breaded pig’s ears ready to fry

salumi platter
polenta fries (My personal favorite: crispy on the outside, creamy in the middle)

pizza station with all the essentials: lemon, salt, and good olive oil


house pepperoni/tomato/mozzarella
pork belly/shallot/heirloom potato
housemade pepperoni



a variety of wines from Spindrift Cellers, Lumos, Tyee Wine Cellars, and Pheasant Court Winery
a variety of beers from Deschutes Brewery and Oregon Trail Brewery
iced tea
French press coffee 
Oregon clams


rockfish/beets/risotto/balsamic/pumpkin seeds
lamb/pinto beans/roasted peppers/tomato/arugula
flat iron/smashed potato/greens/rutabaga/aioli
pork loin/polenta/kale/crispy shallot
braised raab/leeks/peppers/polenta/poached egg/balsamic
pork loin
braised kale
base for the lamb dish

to finish:

peanut butter chocolate tarte with banana peanut butter ice cream
rhubarb pie with cardamom-orange ice cream
profiterole trio of caramel, rhubarb, and vanilla











JC is the head chef in the farm stand kitchen. He’s been at the helm since 2007.

All the kitchen food scraps go out to the compost pile to be recycled back into the soil.