New Kitchen Stars!

This Friday’s dinner is presented by our two new acquisitions of 2014! Emily and Fabio, one coming from Wisconson via Colorado and one coming from Sicily via Newport, will be presenting a very Sicilian dinner, with arancini, seafood spaghetti, a dish with rolled and filled flank steak,  and a delicate almond based cookie with some form of sorbetto. I can’t wait.

Welcome Back to the Farmstand in 2014!

The Farmstand will be open for lunch and vegetable sales starting on March 6th.


We have all been beavering away to get things ready for the early spring opening. The kitchen crew literally can’t wait to get back into action. Members of our squad have been to Europe, North Africa, Portland and in a literary sense to Italy, France, and England. New cats, new techniques to learn, new guitars, new albums, and a couple of new faces. Stay tuned for an introduction to our new kitchen members – one is coming all the way from Minnesota!