Dinner Menu: April 6-8, 2017


Chad Fell’s bread & marinated olives  4

duck confit and lentil soup 7

mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette  5

whole wheat tart with leeks, celery root, and gruyer cheese  6.5

quiche with potatoes and caramelized onions on a small salad 6.5

grilled kale raab, gorgonzola, walnuts  7

GTF salad, apples, radishes, hakurei turnips, orange & tarragon vinaigrette, grana padano  8

country pork terrine, pickled onions, mustard, crusty bread  8

boudin blanc sausage, house smoked bacon braised collard greens, pan fried spaetzli  10

dungeness crab bruschetta   11

Pizze Rosse

garlic & basil  10.5

bacon & leeks 11.5

kalamata & house sausage   11.5


Pizze Bianche

egg, chive, arugula  11.5

peppers, potato, blue 11.5

caramel onions, anchovy, kale 11.5




Secondi                       (three course meal $32)

Agnolotti of goat cheese & leeks with purple sprouted broccoli & cream 16

Grilled Albacore tuna, bacon braised ceci,  olive and roasted garlic  18.5

Beef short ribs, smashed potatoes, celeriac slaw*  20.5

Duck breast, creamy polenta, kale raab & sour cherry mostarda 19

To Finish

honey comb panna cotta     6

chocolate hazelnut tart         6

rhubarb apple nut crumble   6


Evening Menu Sketch: May 7-8, 2014

The Salmon was the prettiest yet this season! It is always a thrill to clean a salmon so fresh it smells like the liquid in a good oyster…yum.

Antipasti/Primi Piatti
salumi 7.5
trio of antipasti 7.5
salmon rillettes/ grilled baguette 6.
soup/mushroom/parmesan 5.
soup/vegetable/ceci 5.
GTF greens/orange/white turnip/almond 7.5
GTF greens/goat cheese/pistachio/rhubarb 7.5

Pizza Rosso
garlic/herb/ mozzarella 10.5
duck/mushroom/mozzarella 11.5
olive/thyme/blue/mozzarella 11.5

Pizza Bianco
anchovy/dandelion/ mozzarella 11.5
ham/chard/mozz 11.5
colazione-bacon/egg/parmesan/green onion 11.5

–add anchovy, pickled jalapenos, egg 1.

duck /carrots/israeli couscous/mint/dried cherries 17.5
chinook/risotto/white turnip/cucumber/radish/arugula 19.5
lamb/polenta /chard/altamura/ caper and herb sauce 17.5
flat iron steak/olive smashed potato/beet greens/tomato/shallots/farm egg aioli* 19.
savory bread pudding/blue cheese/braised greens/pistachios 15.5

Evening Menu Sketch: Mayday 2014


Every Thursday and Friday night, the lights go down, candles get lit, and we serve a slightly more sophisticated menu. The ambiance is unbeatable. I sometimes look out over the dining room longingly and curse my fate: helping to create this magical experience but never sitting down to enjoy it!

Here is a peek into the likely menu for tonight:
Antipasti/Primi Piatti
salumi 8.5
trio of antipasti 7.5
apple/cilantro ceviche/ grilled baguette 6.
soup/sweet potato/peanut 5.
soup/mushroom/ginger 5.
GTF greens/apple/turnip/dandelion 7.5
GTF greens/goat cheese/pear/almond 7.5

Pizza Rosso
garlic/herb/ mozzarella 10.5
bacon/mushroom/dandelion/mozzarella 11.5
olive/thyme/blue/mozzarella 11.5

Pizza Bianco
shrimp/ham/ mozzarella 11.5
italian sausage/chard/mozz 11.5
colazione-bacon/egg/parmesan/pea shoots 11.5

–add anchovy, pickled jalapenos, egg 1.

duck /baby carrots/beet greens/savory bread pudding/star anise 17.5
Mosaic Farms pork chop/green cabbage/caraway/rhubarb 19.
brodetto all’anconetana/snapper/octopus/tomato/spice 17.5
lamb/polenta/kalamata olives/chard/tomato 17.5
beet risotto/blue cheese/arugula 15.5