Dinner Menu for April 14-16, 2016


bruschetta/duck/carm onion/broc sprouts/parmesan  5.5

-chicken galantine   5.5

-liver mousse  5.5

-pork rillette   5.5 or all 3 for 9.5

blue cheese croquette with roasted pepper sauce   5.5

fennel and paprika potatoes  5.5

polenta fries with aioli**  5.5

bruschetta/duck liver/apple/arugula  5.5

GTF salad –apples/blue cheese/honey dressing  7.5

GTF salad-arugula/olives/shaved parmesan   7.5

ham and lentil soup  5

mushroom soup  5

Pizze Rosse

garlic/oregano/mozzarella    9.5

ham/blue/mozz  10.5

leeks/mushroom/mozz  10.5


Pizze Bianche

kale/olive/mozz  10.

shallot/bacon/mozz 10.5

spinach/egg/mozzarella 10.5


–add an egg or anchovies

for  2.


Secondi          (three course meal $29)

duck/carrot puree/spinach/golden raisin gastric   19.

flat iron/ potato/cipollini/kale/romesco***   20.5

lamb sausage/lentils/tomatoes/sauce gribiche  17

halibut/spinach/olive/leeks/peppers/polenta/aioli   19.5.

mushroom strata/cipollini/spinach/tomato/mint pesto  15.5


To Finish

caramel lamington cake/cream anglaise   5.5

flourless chocolate cake/chocolate sauce   5.5

profiterole/mousseline cream/cream anglaise  5.5

Lunch Menu: Week of October 27, 2015

We have a real good menu this week. Come on down!

To Start
mixed field greens with balsamic vinaigrette 6.5
pork pate, cornichon, mustard & artisan bread 6.5
GTF salad – warm potato and lentil salad in a mustard vinaigrette 6.5
Mosaic Farms pork rillette on Altamura bread with house pickles 6
brie with beet soup 6
chunky vegetable soup with artisan bread 4/6
creamy butternut soup with artisan bread 4/6

Pizze with Rosse or Biance Sauce
delicata/roasted garlic/mozzarella 9.5
bacon/broccoli/mozzarella 9.5
lobster & chanterelle mushrooms/mozzarella 9.5

–Add an egg, anchovies or pickled jalapeños for a dollar

tagliatelle with romanesco, roasted delicata and radicchio 9.5
gnocchi with Mosaic Farms pork ragú, kale, parmesan and thyme 9.5
creamy polenta with peppers, spinach and tomatoes 9.5
chicken drummettes braised ricky style with israeli couscous salad 9.5
grilled elk loin with black kale and red wine risotto 13.5

Salumi Time 2!

Appearing this week on the salumi platter:


Top right: chicken liverwurst….extra work so we can’t make it all the time, but also extra good

Bottom right: rustic pork pate with pistachio garnish

Bottom left: pork rillette, shredded and seasoned pork shoulder that has been confited in duck fat

Top left: duck liver mousse