Dinner Menu for June 16-18, 2016


bread-olives   4.5

-duck rillette   5.5

-duck liver mousse  5.5

-pork pâté  5.5  all three 9.5

marinated grilled zucchini and kalamata olive  6.5

tomatoes – cucumbers tower 6.5

bruschetta/tomato/basil   6.5

bruschetta/duck/pickled beets/blue  6.5

GTF salad-tomato/cuke/blue cheese  7.5

roasted peppers  soup  5

zucchini &  ceci  soup  5

Pizze Rosse

garlic/basil/oregano/mozzarella    9.5

bleu/ham/onion/mozz  10.5

xxxxx/tomato/kale/mozz  10.5


Pizze Bianche

tomato/zukes/basil/mozz  10.5

egg/bacon/scallion/mozz 10.5

duck/kalamata/mozz   10.5


–add an egg or anchovies

for  2.


Secondi          (three course meal $29)

braised mary’s chicken breast/potatoes/zucchini/chard  17.5

duck/beets/potato/lentils/mint/thyme honey  18.5

albacore/ceci/tomato/basil/radicchio/olive aioli*  19.5

hanger  steak/smashed potato/chard/summer squash/pesto  19.5

pork chop/strata/chard/caramelized onions   18.5

sausage/belly/tongue/kale/new potatoes/carrot/turnip/salsa verde 17.5

stuffed magda squash/brown rice/new onion/baby carrot/black kale  16.5


To Finish

chocolate mousse/strawberry/thyme anglaise   6.5

brúlée grapefruit/buttermilk tart/caramel   6.5

angelsfood cake/marionberry/strawberry/pastry crème/chantilly  6.5

toasted almond pot de crème/almond crunch/chocolate  6.5

Dinner Menu for April 1-2, 2016


country pâté/duck liver mousse/duck rillette  6.5 each/9.5 all

cheesy puffs 3.5

kalamata olive and roasted pepper bruschetta    6.5

soup/ducky onion  5.

soup/cold melon  5.

GTF greens/melon/cukes/balsamic  vinaigrette   7.5


Pizze Rosse

garlic/basil/mozzarella    10.5

corn/roasted peppers/mozzarella  11.5

ham eggplant/mozzarella  10.5

Pizze Bianche

goat cheese/pesto/mozzarella  10.5

zucchini /tomato/mozzarella  11.5

kale/anchovy /egg/mozzarella  10.5

–add anchovy or an egg for a dollar



duck/carrot puree/black kale/maple butter sauce   19.

grilled pork sausage/spaetzle/raabe/mustard   17.

flat iron/ smashed potato/carrots 20.5

trout saltimbocca/tomato/faro/arugula  18.5

gnocchi with ricotta/kale/bread crumbs   15.5


To Finish

queen of sheba cake/berry coulis/chantilly   6.5

crème brúlée  6.5

malva pudding/custard sauce   6.5

vanilla and chocolate roulade/berry compote    6.5

special menu          3 courses  –  28    

Dinner Menu: September 10-12, 2015

Thanks for coming and checking this blog out. It is not always easy to find the time, but it does help to take a step back and see the big picture. We are here because we love to think up and prepare awesome dishes. Tonight the chef highly recommends the salmon dish: fingerlings, romano, beans, and roasted peppers topped with pan roasted salmon. Good so far! But then we added a corn flan and a chimichurri sauce. Out of the park!  I said good day, sir.

country pâté/cornichon/house mustard 6.5
duck liver mousse/sour cherry/balsamic reduction 6.5
duck rillette/pear 6.5
…all three 9.5
trio of antipasti 7.5
soup/ducky onion 5.
soup/cold melon 5.
GTF greens/melon/cukes/balsamic vinaigrette 7.5

Pizze Rosse
garlic/basil/mozzarella 10.5
duck/summer squash/mozzarella 11.5
corn /mushroom/mozzarella 10.5
Pizze Bianche
tomato/pesto/mozzarella 10.5
kalamata/goat cheese/summer squash/mozzarella 11.5
pesto/roasted peppers/mozzarella 10.5

–Add anchovy or an egg for a dollar.

Secondi        special menu 3 courses – 28
duck/carrot puree/black kale/berry sauce 18.
pork chop/zucchini/spaetzle/roasted tomato/caramelized onion 18.
flat iron/ smashed potato/chard/red chimichurri 19.5
chinook salmon/romano beans/corn flan/fingerling potato/roasted pepper19.5
summer napoleon /tomato/squash/eggplant/basil/polenta/mozzarella 15.5

To Finish
queen of sheba cake/berry coulis/chantilly 6.5
panna cotta/fruit compote 6.5
Portuguese custard/chocolate mousse/anglaise 6.5
caramelized apple/blueberry/almond cake 6.5

Lunch Menu: Week of July 28, 2014

It’s getting very hot around here. Sounds like a good time for gazpacho….we have you covered.

Kudos and many thanks to the kitchen crew who did such a great job covering for me while I celebrated with my parents their 50th wedding anniversary.

To Start
country pâté with mixed olives, mustard, cornichon and house pickles 5.5
crostini of duck liver mousse 5.5
mixed field greens and altamura croutons with balsamic vinaigrette 6.5
GTF salad-grilled flat iron, toasted almond and blueberry vinaigrette 9.5
heirloom tomato salad, basil, extra virgin, balsamic and artisan bread 8.5
gazpacho with basil pesto and artisan bread 4/6
chunky vegetable soup with artisan bread 4/6

Pizze Rosso
garlic/basil/mozzarella 9.5
lamb sausage/summer squash/radicchio/mozz 10.5
ham/roasted peppers/blue cheese /mozz 10.5
Pizze Bianco
red onion/zucchini/pesto /mozz 9.5
duck/cherry tomato/pickled peppers/mozz 10.5
colazione-bacon/egg/green onion/black pepper 10.5

Chintimini Farm chicken tortelloni with spinach and herbed cream sauce 10.5
semolina gnocchi with Ricky’s tomato sauce, tarragon ricotta, and fennel 9.5
ratatouille, pesto, and soft poached farm egg served over polenta 9.5
Newport albacore with green beans, tomato, ceci, kalamata olives and aioli 11.5
chicken galantine with smashed potato, green beans, and basil pesto 10.5