Dinner Menu: April 9-11, 2015

Toooo gooood!


salumi extra fly 9.5
porchetta on white bean 7.5
trio of antipasti 7.5
soup/butternut/parsnip 5.
soup/chunky vegetable 5.
GTF greens/pickled beets/carrot/orange 7.5

Pizza Rosso
garlic/oregano/ mozzarella 10.5
ham/parsnip/mozzarella 11.5
Italian sausage/kale /mozzarella 11.5

Pizza Bianco
bacon/olive/ mozzarella 11.5
leek/roasted peppers/mozzarella 11.5

–add pickled jalapenos, egg 1.

lamb leg/ceci/kale/mint and myer lemon gremolata 18.5
duck/carrot/potato chicory tower/star anise 18.5
first Oregon season salmon/GTF polenta/bekana/shrimps & tomato & capers & olives 19.5
flat iron steak/spaetzle/bok choi/aioli 19.5
kale agnolotti/leeks/carrots/tomato water/arugula 15.5

To Finish
queen of sheba cake/chantilly/strawberry 6.5
malva pear cake/white chocolate 6.5
apple marzipan tarte/chantilly 6.5

Dinner Menu – May 16, 2014

We receive whole Chinook from our friends at the coast, and I love the way every person who passes through our kitchen is astounded by the big fish. I love to clean a whole fish. Matter of fact I feel just lucky, period, to enjoy the fish from Newport that came in this week for our evening menu:

Antipasti/Primi Piatti
salumi 7.5
trio of antipasti 7.5
salmon polpetti/ whole grain mustard sauce 6.
soup/sweet potato/peanut 5.
soup/white bean/kale 5.
GTF greens/baby onion/crouton 7.5
GTF greens/cucumber/goat cheese/almond 7.5
white bean ragú with altamura crust 5.

Pizza Rosso
garlic/herb/ mozzarella 10.5
bacon/kale/mozzarella 11.5
olive /blue/mozzarella 11.5

Pizza Bianco
anchovy/frisee/ mozzarella 11.5
Italian sausage/chard/mozzarella 11.5
colazione-bacon/egg/parmesan/green onion 11.5

–add anchovy, pickled jalapenos, egg 1.

duck /carrots/beet greens/savory pudding/dried cherries 17.5
chinook/smashed potatoes/frisée/bacon vinaigrette/green onion 19.5
lamb/white beans /chard/tomato/kalamata olives/altamura 17.5
flat iron steak/polenta/beets/shallots/kale/farm egg aioli* 19.5
capunti pasta/tomato and ceci ragú/blue cheese 14.5

To Finish
coconut almond pudding/orange blossom-strawberry compote 6.5
flourless chocolate cake/chantilly cream 6.5
apple and almond galette 6.5