For the Lucky in Love – Our Valentine’s Menu for 2016


We can’t wait to welcome our Valentine’s diners to the Farm Stand on Friday, Saturday, and of course Sunday, February 14th. We are already planning and prepping.

There are still a few seats left for the Friday dinner – Saturday and Sunday are booked solid. Get a seat if you can…the menu is shaping up nicely.

Cooking in the winter with a limited supply of veggies is always a challenge, but having a limited selection makes it easy to decide  what goes on the plate. We like a challenge, and we like an easy decision, so it’s a win-win for us.

Tentatively we have as our menu:

marinated beets with pasta sfoglie, mache, and a blue cheese foam

pressed duck terrina with carrots, parsnip and a roasted pepper sauce

rockfish, mussels and clams with a hearty fennel broth

grilled pork tenderloin over lentils, kale, and salsify

sipping chocolate with zeppoli



Valentine’s Dinner at the GTF Farm Stand

The Gathering Together Farm restaurant hosted a Valentine’s Day dinner this past week. Chef JC and his kitchen crew went all out to delight the senses of a small gathering of people celebrating their love for each other and of good food.

The Menu:

sweetbreads terrine with sour cherry mostarda

scallop terrine with citrus, fennel, and bok choi

heartbeet risotto with trotter croquetta

duck breast with braising greens and rutabaga

chocolate soufflé

optional wine pairing

sweetbreads terrine with sour cherry mostarda

baby leaves of bok choi

scallop terrine with citrus, fennel, and bok choi














 Alison (above left) is the farmstand manager and serves meals along with Tamara (above right).

JC grates parmesan to garnish the risotto.

JC slices beets.

well seasoned beets









JC (above left) plates up the heartbeet risotto. JC develops most of the restaurant menu items himself, using the best local and seasonal ingredients as inspiration.

Ricky (above right) is second in command in the farm stand kitchen.

 heartbeet risotto with trotter croquetta

searing duck breasts

duck breasts

JC deglazes the pans and saves the sauce for later.

braising greens: mustards, chard, and kale

goat cheese croquettas in the making for a vegetarian guest

flowers from our neighbors at Greengable Gardens

not-quite-assembled macarons made by pastry chef Ana (not pictured) to accompany the chocolate soufflé

The kitchen crew would like to thank everyone who joined us for this special meal. Regular dinners at the GTF farm stand will begin in April, but until then we’d love to see you at Thursday or Friday lunches or Saturday breakfasts at the farm stand, which opens for the season this coming week (February 24, 2012).